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The Morgan Horse is noted for its stamina, commitment to the job and attractive qualities.  The versatility of this horse is second to none.  This breed was developed to please and strived to complete the most difficult of tasks.  What more could you ask for in a breed?  It is a true horse for every discipline.  It has excelled in every event, as well as going down the trail, carrying their mounts with sure footed, flawless effort.  This is a horse for the family and for the showman.  No matter your discipline or preference of riding, the Morgan horse will make your dreams a reality.

Here on our Morgan farm we pride ourselves on breeding and training the Morgan horse with these distinctive qualities.  Our young horses are personable and handled regularly to make their transition into quality riding horses easier.  Our stallions are selected for their willingness to learn, responsiveness to directions and the superior quality foals they produce.  The broodmares were good, even-tempered, safe riding horses before they were selected as broodmares.  Combined, these are the quality Morgans we would like to share with you.  Find out how you can enjoy, ride and be a part of one of these phenomenal horses lives!

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